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Subject: Family Debt Part 17PART SEVENTEENClaire's View"And here's Mummy to join in the fun," I heard Kay say as
I descended to the living roomI paused on the stairs, looking at pthc ls bbs loli her. She gazed back at
me, smiling. Something of derision in her bbs top lolita children expression, and
anticipation in her eyes. That had been no accidental
meeting at the health club, I realised. It had been set
up between her and Samantha, my sister. All part of a
plan, I was sure. A plan to use and humiliate and degrade
my family. A stranger brought in to add to our violation.
And it was surely working, I thought as I savoured the
taste of my son's cock lingering in my mouth.My gaze shifted, to Samantha sitting beside Kay on the
sofa and with that same anticipatory gleam in her eyes.
And to Dawn, my daughter, standing before them in her
school uniform with her skirt held up and her panties
halfway down her thighs showing her private parts. She
had been so enjoying dominating and humiliating her
parents, but I had the feeling she was being drawn into a
web that she barely perceived. Serve the little bitch
right, I thought with no guilt whatsoever."Come on then, Mum," Kay said mockingly. "Don't be shy.
Come over here, and give your daughter a little feel as
you go by. All friendly, like."I came down the last few steps and crossed to where Dawn
stood still holding up her skirt. She gave me a look I
couldn't quiet make out, perhaps nervousness or
excitement or a touch of both. I remembered her holding
my hair this morning at breakfast as she had pushed my
face onto her brother's cock, and the way she had sat
there watching me naked as I prepared the breakfast. I
reached down and ran my hand over her bum cheeks, feeling
the tight flesh and the smooth skin. On an impulse, I let
one finger stray between them. I heard her gasp, and felt
a strange and delicious thrill as the tip of my finger
touched her little rosebud."Bet that feels sweet, doesn't it?" Kay said, watching me
carefully. "Your daughter's tight little buttocks in your
hand."I just looked at her, unable to answer under the pressure
of all feelings swimming around in my mind. So much had
happened in such a short space of time, so many momentous
changes in my situation and inside me. Was it really only
a day ago that my primary concern was whether I ran out
of milk over a long weekend? And my biggest worry was
what the neighbours might be thinking of me."I asked you a question, bitch," Kay suddenly snapped at
me.The memory of my sister slapping me round the face this
morning still so embarrassingly fresh in my mind, I
pushed myself to say something. Anything."It feels good," I blurted out. "Ma'am," I added quickly,
trying to 14yo russian lolita girls please,She smiled, a very wicked little smile. Then she got up
and walked around us until she was behind us. She got
down on her haunches, nude preteen lolita petite peering at my hand and Dawn's bum.
And smiled again."I bet it does," she said. "Sam, come here and see where
your dirty cunt of a sister has put her finger."Kay used her hands to separate Dawn's bum cheeks as
Samantha left the sofa and came round to look. My face
coloured as she revealed my finger resting on Dawn's bum
hole. Samantha laughed when she saw."Oh my, sis," she said. "You really are a dirty little
cunt at heart, aren't you?"I was learning. "Yes, ma'am," I said at once. It came
easier this time."There's a good girl," she said with a smile. "But you
always did go for half measures. I want to see that
finger shoved in her tight little arsehole."I looked at her, and then at Dawn's upturned face. And
then pushed my finger into her hole. There was a little
bit of initial resistance, but then the tip of my finger
was inside being firmly gripped by her tightness.Tom & SteveTom watched two men approach Steve as he lurked around
the park lavatories, and after a brief conversation all
three men went inside. jpg lolita free preteen He lit himself a cigarette, and
smoked it down before following them inside. Steve was
standing in the middle, his t-shirt off and his jeans
about his ankles showing a pair of frilly pink panties.
The two men stood close to him. Tom looked around and saw
the discarded t-shirt chucked in the urinal."This is none of your business, old man," the bigger of
the two men told him. "Do what you came in here to do and
then get out.""On the contrary," Tom said calmly, stepping over to the
urinal. "It's very much my illegal pedo lolita nude business. The boy is my
grandson."He unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. He let go a
stream of piss over Steve's t-shirt, and then turned
without putting it away."So what's the plan?" he asked, smiling.The big man looked startled, but then smiled back. "The
plan is that we teach this tart how to suck cock," he
said. "And then we have some real fun with him. I'm
Slutfucker." He gestured to his smaller and quieter
companion. "This here is Bigdong.""I'm afraid I'm just boring old Tom. Nice to meet you
both." He looked down at his cock. "I seem to have
forgotten to shake it dry," he said.Slutfucker nodded. "So you have, Tom," he said. He looked
at Steve. "Go use your tongue to clean your Granddad's
cock for him, tart, and be quick about it."Appearing to be in a daze, Steve shuffled over with his
jeans still around his ankles and got down on his hands
and knees on the filthy floor. Leaning forward, he licked
the few drops of piss from the end Tom's limp cock."Those are his sister's panties he's wearing, Tom,"
Slutfucker told him."I thought they looked familiar," Tom replied.Slutfucker gave him a look, and then another smile."You'll have to meet the rest of the family," Tom said.Samantha's ViewClaire's finger stuck up Dawn's tight little arsehole
said it all for me. With Kay's help and Dad's more and
more willing acquiescence I now had my stuck-up sister
right where I wanted her.I stood up and stood close behind her. "Where's your
precious reputation now, sis?" I asked her. "Turning up
at your gymn looking like a cheap little slut. Those
friends of yours seeing what I'd written on your body in
the changing room. That bridge club friend of yours
taking a very close interest in you. Word should be
getting about nicely by now. And those photos of you from
last night pinned up at the factory should help too." She
looked startled at that, as well she should. That was one
I'd been saving. "Prissy little Claire," I went on. "Not
so prissy now, are you? By the time I've finished with
you, sis, I'll have you sucking cocks and licking cunts
the length and breadth of this town."I moved round to Dawn, and took her face in my hands to
kiss her. I plunged my tongue into her mouth, holding her
tight. Then let her go, stepping back."You're a bright girl, Dawn," I told her. "So you must
have figured out the hierarchy by now. Your Mum and Dad
are yours to use anyway you like, but you belong to Kay
and me. Got that?"She looked at her mother and then back at me. "Suits me,"
she said, smiling.I had thought it might. I walked back to the sofa and sat
myself down."Claire, get your finger out of your daughter's arsehole
and come over here."As she walked over, I dived into my bag and came out with
a pair of scissors. She stood in front of me, looking
frightened. "Nothing too drastic," I told her, and then
proceeded to cut up the middle of her black party dress.
It fell open as I reached the top, revealing a sexy
little black bra and panties set. I reached up and
snipped the middle strap of the bra, letting loose her
full breasts as there was a ring at the door."Answer it," I told her. She started to pull the two
halve sof the front of her dress together. "Leave that, "
I snapped at her. "And bring whoever it is in."As she turned to go, I preteen lolitas having sex glanced across at Dawn. She still
stood there with her panties around here knees and he
skirt raised. Our eyes met, and I gave her a smile and a
nod of approval. She really was a smart girl, and had
sussed out this situation faster than any of the rest of
her dumb family.
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